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File 167414381177.png - (86.39KB , 450x373 , 16418164071960.png )
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A comfortable, actually international antiwagie group chat, where half are anglos, and the other half are different comfy europeans, balts, Finns, and so on. Very many slavs and autists also kek. So if you want to improve any foreign language, join, because our supportive community helps also in language learning. :)

You can chat and shitpost on any topic, but the central topic is antiwagie and how to trick our system for some additional benefits. We share all sorts of useful material on the topic, as well as other things. Active may be crazy sometimes :D

If you want polit. arguing, you can arrange! Since everyone has completely different views there, we have complete pluralism!

Every fren is very welcomed to join us! :)
Telegram @wagiesupportsecret
Link: t.me/wagiesupportsecret

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