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File 164097059662.png - (171.09KB , 370x232 , virus.png )
3512 Num. 3512
Never know how much the virus infects you
Never know how much the vaccine works
When the spike gets inside you
You get a fever that's so hard to bear
You get a fever
When you kiss someone, fever when droplets take a flight
Fever! In the mornin', a-fever all through the night
Virus lurking in the daytime
Droplets scattering in the night
People shiver when you call its name
And no one really knows how to treat it right
It gives you fever
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>> Num. 3513 quick reply
File 164253748191.png - (745.33KB , 712x466 , nogreenpass.png )
I represent the court, stand up for what I am
The principles of freedom facing the government's devious plan
I got to step over the mark that was drawn in the sand
I got you in my line of fire, and I'm here to make a stand
>> Num. 3525 quick reply
It's only a matter of time before a corrupt judge says Alex Jones owes another $1 billion USD for questioning the fake vaccine.

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