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File 161018639623.jpg - (217.51KB , 1100x1338 , italy map.jpg )
3455 Num. 3455
wats going on in italy these days?
Espandi tutte le immagini
>> Num. 3456 quick reply
File 161070362363.png - (7.67KB , 405x590 , 1.png )
In the yellow zone take a stroll to the park
In the orange zone take your pizza until it's dark
In the red zone sit at home and watch TV while the dogs bark

The virus is there and it's not going away
You can find it on cardboard and in any ash tray
Bar's closed due to COVID but people go out anyway

While the Sun is shining and destroying the virus with UV
President De Luca wants to call many soldiers with their humvee
The truth is no one really knows what to do but to sing da da dee

Now the vaccine has arrived and there are many doses to take
With the time required there will be many cakes to bake
Make your own at home and get to the garden with a rake
>> Num. 3457 quick reply
In the meantime Conte has been overrun with papers
And Trump has lost and is making burgers and taters
Bars might rebel and restaurants might call back their waiters

When you come home from work until it's 10 pm
You can walk around see the mosquitoes and fry 'em
But when the time is up go back home or the cops, you will pay a fine to them

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