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File 141441778527.jpg - (28.47KB , 624x351 , _78550544_013491465-1.jpg )
2878 Num. 2878 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]

Protests against internet taxation in Hungary
>> Num. 2888 Risposta Veloce
File 141640415981.jpg - (106.66KB , 640x434 , 19326_trianon_terk.jpg )

A protest movement in Hungary over corruption and an increasingly pro-Russian leadership broke out this week, raising questions about whether the former communist nation is on the verge of becoming the next Ukraine. Hungary is more stable than Ukraine, which has been besieged by sectarian conflict for months, and seems less likely to fall into violent conflict, but growing anti-government demonstrations could become another battleground between Europe and Russia.

The wave of Hungarian protests is focused on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban??s increasingly pro-Russian governance. Many shouted ??Europe, Europe!? at Monday??s ??Public Outrage Day? protest and one protester told AFP demonstrators "don??t want Orban to take us towards Putin and Russia.? Others chanted for Orban to resign.
>> Num. 2923 SABBIA! Risposta Veloce
File 143319890311.png - (18.32KB , 678x472 , 1433193792984.png )

File 141478419916.jpg - (53.83KB , 680x408 , masterrace.jpg )
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Just a reminding that Napoli is white
>> Num. 2884 Risposta Veloce
File 141480015086.jpg - (552.93KB , 3888x2592 , 751_20100804_catacombephsergiosiano_19.jpg )
When the volcano explodes and the ashes are floating
And the ground cracks and the sky is glowing
When the houses are buried and the people are fleeing
They will hide and survive to have faith and be praying
>> Num. 2887 Risposta Veloce
What a stench, the dogs are running away,
all because the Neapolitans are coming.
Oh cholerics buried by quake,
you've never seen soap, not even a cake,
Naples shit, Naples cholera,
you're the shame of all Italy.

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File 141435121851.png - (370.43KB , 601x501 , 2chru_net.png )
2875 Num. 2875 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
>> Num. 2877 Risposta Veloce
On the road to Silk, i presume?

File 141419732455.png - (66.46KB , 630x350 , 1414196894001.png )
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>> Num. 2876 Risposta Veloce
File 141437065218.jpg - (106.22KB , 576x378 , 1414369022916.jpg )

File 141345482554.png - (141.71KB , 650x772 , IndiaBR.png )
2868 Num. 2868 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Onde fica o brchan? 55chan nao tem uma /int/?
>> Num. 2869 Risposta Veloce
  I don't think so, Jorge
>> Num. 2870 SAGE! Risposta Veloce
Vabè volevo postare qualcosa solo per vedere la bandierina brasileira, ma vedo che non funziona più. Comunque sì, dialetto veneto qua è parte integrante della lingua del posto.
>> Num. 2871 Risposta Veloce
O Radio Vèneto è muito bom in my option

File 141281074934.jpg - (246.31KB , 812x1125 , 25 maggio 1958.jpg )
2864 Num. 2864 AUTOSABBIA! Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
>> Num. 2865 SABBIA! Risposta Veloce
File 141281084227.jpg - (11.85KB , 155x202 , 1123435555.jpg )
sorry, needed to test something and there's no board for that. enjoy the shitposting.
>> Num. 2873 Risposta Veloce
File 141416293326.png - (7.45KB , 800x600 , 1414160849001.png )

File 141148589840.jpg - (23.83KB , 620x497 , 1234.jpg )
2860 Num. 2860 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]

Court proceedings have begun in Russia against Putin's main opponent ?? independent politician Alexey Navalny. He has been under house arrest for half a year and barred from using the internet or speaking with the media.

At the heart of the prosecution case is the claim made by the French cosmetics corporation Yves Rocher. However, the company refuses to comment publicly on this controversial process.

We, the residents and nationals of Europe, unite in our appeal to the Yves Rocher corporation to take a definitive position on the case against Navalny. Together we can help prevent Vladimir Putin from disposing of his main political opponent.

Please sign and share our petition. Tell your friends and acquaintances about the Yves Rocher case.

Say NO to Putin. Say NO to political repressions in Russia.

>> Num. 2861 Risposta Veloce
File 141150616294.jpg - (47.60KB , 576x1024 , 1411502819002.jpg )
And by the way, this is a conversation between some russian bastards who have raped a drunk girl and have posted their dirty deeds to 2ch, including photos of the naked girl in a coma-like state.
Filthy trash.
>> Num. 2862 Risposta Veloce
File 141254776222.jpg - (141.36KB , 600x500 , iKguy.jpg )
Go to hui, liberalfascist/ukronazi/homototalitarist/murrica butt-licker scum.

File 139542300142.jpg - (63.87KB , 642x942 , GuerraCivil-Italia.jpg )
2558 Num. 2558 Risposta Veloce hide watch expand quickreply [Rispondi]
Hola! Que tal? me gusta este chan italiano, el único problema es que tiene italianos...
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>> Num. 2562 SABBIA! Risposta Veloce
File 139551145950.jpg - (94.72KB , 620x376 , 13861-620x-nyahahahaha.jpg )
>> Num. 2564 Risposta Veloce
Hello my nacho friend, i'm sardinian.
Pls gibe us basque country to join with our catalan and corsician brothers.
>> Num. 2572 SAGE! Risposta Veloce
your "jajajaja" laugh is so horrible.
>> Num. 2574 SABBIA! Risposta Veloce
>> Num. 2859 Risposta Veloce
File 140971040320.jpg - (73.42KB , 480x594 , mafalda.jpg )
No son italianos, 'mano, son argentinos extraviados.

File 137200082333.jpg - (13.04KB , 200x150 , Disappoint.jpg )
2119 Num. 2119 Risposta Veloce hide watch expand quickreply [Rispondi]
>mfw italians have better imageboard than us turks

trchan is full of k?¼rts. can i stays heres ???
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>> Num. 2156 Risposta Veloce
Got it. I wish you luck with that.
>> Num. 2538 Risposta Veloce
you'd still beat auschan anyday
>> Num. 2539 Risposta Veloce
Is Auschan full of Kärts?
>> Num. 2857 Risposta Veloce
>In 7-8 months, we'll get rid of him.
How it's going?
>> Num. 2858 Risposta Veloce
File 140778218477.png - (205.67KB , 520x316 , ehehe.png )
Everybody got up and started rustling cattle.

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