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File 149071984041.jpg - (193.88KB , 800x840 , photo_2017-03-28_22-27-36.jpg )
3355 KR Num. 3355 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Hello, /int/eresting people! You dont know me, but i need help. The fact is that I created my Anonym's imageboard. I need friends. Forgive me for the unexpected invasion. Now my board very small. The Internet is the only thing that makes me happy in this life. Life in my country is sad. Very sad. Angry people, dirty streets, high price and taxes - it's in the nature of things
. I just need friendship to make life better. I ask the admin not to delete it. If you agree to friendship, we can get links our sites in header/frameset/banners. I'll put the name under the spoiler so as not to disturb others. Sorry for my anglish. Maybe f-friends?
>> IT Num. 3356 Risposta Veloce
File 149080673257.png - (22.28KB , 564x514 , that guy.png )
Sokoball? In MY chan? It's more likely than you think
>> Num. 3359 Risposta Veloce
Already dead board?
Or the sokoanon committed sudoku?
>> Num. 3395 Risposta Veloce
board alive

Num. 3393 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
  Cells repeat the process of degeneration and regeneration

Things change in a dynamic environment

File 15489666716.jpg - (76.33KB , 600x400 , Le-coliche-Romolo-Giuly-Fox-600x400.jpg )
3391 Num. 3391 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Bentornato, NiuChan!
Amore da Roma Sud.
>> Num. 3392 Risposta Veloce
Speak english faggot

File 154462203521.jpg - (112.93KB , 1080x1080 , qt n kot.jpg )
3389 Num. 3389 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.
>> Num. 3390 Risposta Veloce
  Greetings Alex

File 153183853131.jpg - (25.19KB , 402x402 , 298.jpg )
3388 Num. 3388 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Here come old Marcus Zee
He come with a white red ball
He got coupla eyeglasses
He one monster trainer
He got hair down to his nose
Got to be a owner
He just do to the site what he please

But one thing I can tell you is
You got to be friendly
Post together, right now
Post with me

Ye olde Garuff does production
He got photo machine
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File 152318356854.jpg - (102.63KB , 613x341 , screen.jpg )
3384 Num. 3384 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
>> Num. 3385 Risposta Veloce
100% ebin

File 151185258660.png - (863.44KB , 720x960 , depresanon.png )
3373 Num. 3373 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Hey, guys. Do you like interesting shitposting? Or politmemes? Maybe u like cheeki-breeki? Join us!

>> Num. 3376 Risposta Veloce
File 151252029467.png - (1.64MB , 1395x1395 , 1512498424681.png )
>> Num. 3380 Risposta Veloce
File 15150724247.jpg - (204.15KB , 1590x1130 , wpid-kartinki_kotyata_s_cvetami.jpg )
>> Num. 3382 Risposta Veloce
File 152111421799.jpg - (11.44KB , 302x167 , BEER.jpg )
Now some of you might be wondering, how does one exactly shitpost on a chan?

Take it away, anon!

Step one: start throwing up then drink beer from the floor

Step two: that's a hangover so here's what to do

Step three: drink more clear water it's easy pour it into a glass

Step four: get on the chan and shitpost like a pro

File 151493053553.png - (158.58KB , 1297x532 , travel.png )
3379 Num. 3379 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Travelling on the internet

File 151345600161.jpg - (16.58KB , 350x350 , 1513455166001.jpg )
3377 Num. 3377 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
This is
An AnCap Cap
>> Num. 3383 SABBIA! Risposta Veloce

File 151199949554.png - (842.46KB , 1700x1700 , kelly.png )
3374 Num. 3374 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Greetings from https://mewch.net
>> Num. 3375 Risposta Veloce
File 15121629416.png - (324.87KB , 464x406 , varv.png )
Hello stranger
Welcome to a desolate land of nothingness with an average of 4 different users posting in a given day

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