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File 155266444912.png - (499.77KB , 645x360 , 1552630026756.png )
417867 Num. 417867
Condivido riflessione trovata su forchong.
È da stamattina che ci penso e mi sento strano, per voi è una sparatoia come un altra?

I think we've all seen some fucked up shit on the internet, but this one made me inexplicably uneasy. Not in an explicitly graphic and shocking way, since the gore and screams are far from the worst, but there's something else in the back of my mind.
Livestreaming mass shootings of a mosque on a helmet-mounted GoPro while an Australian shitposter drops chan memes to Eurobeat tracks is so 2019 and feels distinctly post-postmodern. It's eerily illustrative of modern society, something that almost seems like parody that belongs on a Sam Hyde sketch yet is all too real. I'm left wondering if I'm supposed to be ironically laughing at this, being completely emotionless, caring for the victims, a mixture of those feelings, or none at all. I can't even be sure if this shooting was ironic or not. Is reality ironic?
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