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File 150366294099.jpg - (97.14KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
3360 Num. 3360
Anon is alone
And bitter as a stone
Cold heart in his room
Parents failed

While the night passes you will write
Where there's no wrong or right
No importance for justice

The Reflex is powering up
When you're hungry for light
The screen will give you some lies, but
Where else can you post?

The song of the Pimpa
Some text in the box
Do you live for catching Pocket Monsters
Then forget them entirely?

Into the web you will go
Ignoring every warning cause you,
You want answers

A gymnast performs many moves
While the clock is broken
Bringing the Sun down, while the Moon comes up

This life is pedaling miles after miles
You may find what I write is fantasy
But after all,
Where else can you post?

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