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File 141441778527.jpg - (28.47KB , 624x351 , _78550544_013491465-1.jpg )
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Protests against internet taxation in Hungary
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File 141640415981.jpg - (106.66KB , 640x434 , 19326_trianon_terk.jpg )

A protest movement in Hungary over corruption and an increasingly pro-Russian leadership broke out this week, raising questions about whether the former communist nation is on the verge of becoming the next Ukraine. Hungary is more stable than Ukraine, which has been besieged by sectarian conflict for months, and seems less likely to fall into violent conflict, but growing anti-government demonstrations could become another battleground between Europe and Russia.

The wave of Hungarian protests is focused on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban??s increasingly pro-Russian governance. Many shouted ??Europe, Europe!? at Monday??s ??Public Outrage Day? protest and one protester told AFP demonstrators "don??t want Orban to take us towards Putin and Russia.? Others chanted for Orban to resign.
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File 143319890311.png - (18.32KB , 678x472 , 1433193792984.png )

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