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File 14228670168.png - (58.18KB , 281x359 , 134321050487.png )
2899 Num. 2899 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
do you like polish pope John "The Pedo" Paul II?
>> Num. 2900 Risposta Veloce
Lack of whiteness notwithstanding, Argentina > Poland.
>> Num. 2908 Risposta Veloce
File 142438743596.jpg - (228.64KB , 1920x1080 , 1424387107001.jpg )
Ayyy Caramba

File 142288946569.gif - (355.22KB , 400x300 , 1394403944821236545.gif )
2901 Num. 2901 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
>> Num. 2902 SAGE! Risposta Veloce
File 142288965521.png - (161.98KB , 543x600 , feel escuciante.png )
I've always wanted to learn Polish.
>> Num. 2903 Risposta Veloce
File 142289051133.gif - (1.73MB , 300x164 , 1400866821763682991.gif )
So learn it
>> Num. 2904 Risposta Veloce
File 142358998351.jpg - (39.77KB , 499x324 , 020209solidarity.jpg )
You can be chained down just like a slave
Liberation of your soul from the cage
From oppression it was time to rise up
All of your people had to rise up
And look at the Red Devil in the eye
Now they could focus on their state of mind
One man's freedom is another man's terror

File 142213845192.jpg - (976.40KB , 1442x755 , 1422133630001.jpg )
2898 Num. 2898 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
British English, American English, and Singaporean English

File 142005162214.jpg - (39.96KB , 400x502 , Happy+New+Year.jpg )
2896 Num. 2896 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
A happy new year for all the International Anonymous who are reading

File 141926268547.png - (78.35KB , 256x283 , *tips verona*.png )
2894 Num. 2894 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
What do you think about this epic meme?
>> Num. 2895 Risposta Veloce
  L'é bel

File 14141611892.png - (70.46KB , 857x862 , 1414160665002.png )
2872 Num. 2872 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Semper fidelis
>> Num. 2886 Risposta Veloce
File 141565929522.jpg - (111.62KB , 534x683 , tumblr_nadvqfActs1qatfdco1_1280.jpg )
>involve ironically modern countries & roman empire
>> Num. 2889 Risposta Veloce
File 141641570350.jpg - (183.92KB , 1200x600 , 1416415335001.jpg )
Get ready for an EBIN ride :DDDDDD

File 141441778527.jpg - (28.47KB , 624x351 , _78550544_013491465-1.jpg )
2878 Num. 2878 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]

Protests against internet taxation in Hungary
>> Num. 2888 Risposta Veloce
File 141640415981.jpg - (106.66KB , 640x434 , 19326_trianon_terk.jpg )

A protest movement in Hungary over corruption and an increasingly pro-Russian leadership broke out this week, raising questions about whether the former communist nation is on the verge of becoming the next Ukraine. Hungary is more stable than Ukraine, which has been besieged by sectarian conflict for months, and seems less likely to fall into violent conflict, but growing anti-government demonstrations could become another battleground between Europe and Russia.

The wave of Hungarian protests is focused on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban??s increasingly pro-Russian governance. Many shouted ??Europe, Europe!? at Monday??s ??Public Outrage Day? protest and one protester told AFP demonstrators "don??t want Orban to take us towards Putin and Russia.? Others chanted for Orban to resign.
>> IT Num. 2923 SABBIA! Risposta Veloce
File 143319890311.png - (18.32KB , 678x472 , 1433193792984.png )

File 141478419916.jpg - (53.83KB , 680x408 , masterrace.jpg )
2883 Num. 2883 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
Just a reminding that Napoli is white
>> Num. 2884 Risposta Veloce
File 141480015086.jpg - (552.93KB , 3888x2592 , 751_20100804_catacombephsergiosiano_19.jpg )
When the volcano explodes and the ashes are floating
And the ground cracks and the sky is glowing
When the houses are buried and the people are fleeing
They will hide and survive to have faith and be praying
>> Num. 2887 Risposta Veloce
What a stench, the dogs are running away,
all because the Neapolitans are coming.
Oh cholerics buried by quake,
you've never seen soap, not even a cake,
Naples shit, Naples cholera,
you're the shame of all Italy.

Num. 2880 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]

File 141435121851.png - (370.43KB , 601x501 , 2chru_net.png )
2875 Num. 2875 Risposta Veloce hide watch quickreply [Rispondi]
>> Num. 2877 Risposta Veloce
On the road to Silk, i presume?

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